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​Hôtel du Couvent

Nice, France


Located on the steep hill side in the old city of Nice, a 16th century convent, one of the oldest in the Alpes-Maritimes, is being redeveloped as a hotel - a place to rest. The proposal for the project is to restore the grounds and the buildings in the manner as it were originally constructed and cared for.  Built from materials sourced from the land and its immediate surroundings, the convent is shaped by the frugality and the simple way of living of the nuns. 

The project recuperates this method of making, not from nostalgia, but more from an economy of means and practices that remain relevant and available to us in our contemporary times. The central premise for the work is to connect past and present; the quality of the shared experience of spaces, porous to atmosphere, filled with water, air and light.


Project under construction

Surface: 8.800  m²

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