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 Manifattura Tabacchi

Masterplan in collab. with SANAA and STUDIO MUMBAI


The Master plan, or guide plan for the renovation and rehabilitation of the former Tobacco Factory in Florence was guided by constant and important exchanges with the equivalent of the Italian Regional Conservator of Historic Monuments. An important heritage of the industrial architecture of engineer Pier Luigi Nervi, to whom Italy owes its most beautiful concrete structures of the beginning of the century. The aim was to make an iconic place in Florence, accessible to the public, which had never really been accessible, although it had always been very important in the imagination of the Florentines. 


The work was based on a long period of study and diagnosis on site, in order to determine a contemporary and ecologically reasonable way of rehabilitating this factory into a new district of Florence. The notions of ruins, ubiquitous gardens, and access to all publics were fundamental. While it was a question of renovating an entire neighbourhood, the challenge was to approach it in detail, through targeted and local intervention rather than through an empirical plan. Each building has its own structural, cultural and landscape diagnosis and response.


Masterplan realized

Surface: 110.000 m2

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